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Tsarevna Frog -14 by andrielisilien
Tsarevna Frog -14
Lately I've been reading fairytales from various countries which I have always enjoyed.  Not only are there fascinating stories with these but also a look into the different cultures which I find fascinating. :iconilikeitplz:  While reading this Russian Folk Tale (The Tsarevna Frog) I pictured this in my head... mostly because the prince's name is Ivan.

"In an old, old Russian tsarstvo, I do not know when, there lived a sovereign prince with the princess his wife.  They had three sons, all of them young, and such brave fellows that no pen could describe them.  The youngest had the name of Ivan Tsarevitch.  One day their father said to his sons: "My dear boys, take each of you an arrow, draw your strong bow and let your arrow fly; in whatever court it falls, in that court there will be a wife for you."

Ivan however gets the bad luck with his arrow landing in a swamp to a frog.  Right away I thought, 'sorry dude'.  But it is interesting how it all works out to a fairytale ending.  Such a cute story.


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do you visit my scraps????
United States
Current Residence: It varies within the Mountain States
Favourite genre of music: Just about anything but country and rap
Favourite photographer: My cousin Angelic Jackson
Favourite style of art: Cartoony
Skin of choice: The one my moma gave me :3
Favourite cartoon character: LSP (Lumpy Space Princess)
Personal Quote: Water can't hurt beautiful people. Go enjoy the rain!
Sorry for the absence.  I haven't left DA.  I've been drawing, I promise, but more like drafts of ideas rather than things to post.  I've been working two jobs lately and some transitioning has caused a lot of stress for me.  Basically I had to carry more weight than what my job description requires these past few months. :faint:  That's pretty much my only excuse; work.  I have set myself on auto-pilot and before I knew it, nearly 3 months have passed by. :wow: Thankfully things are setting back into a routine that doesn't leave me wanting to rip my hair out.  I can breathe easy now.

How is Fall coming for all of you?  Oh my goodness, it is absolutely beautiful!!  I love love love when good things in the garden and trees are ready for harvesting.  The cold mornings feel wonderful and those comfy sweaters and scarves I have been missing all summer long!  Then there are the leaves that rain down in warm colors to counteract the chilly air.  I'm so glad summer is over (sorry if summer is your favorite season).  Next week there is a forecast of snow :squee:  People may moan about it but I am excited.  Is it sad that I been having dreams about snow?

Btw, I forgot to mention that a couple weeks ago I had a chance to attend an Oktober Fest for the first time with my younger sister :iconmyrianabelle: and father (he's not on here lol).  We got lost for a good hour on the way but it was pleasant with the gorgeous view of leaves and mountains to look at.  It's the closest to Germany I have ever been to and lets say, they drink A LOT.  It was funny while looking for parking we weren't sure we were in the right area.  Then I saw groups of people walking with each an empty stein/mug and I said, "I think this is the place." :lol:

Pebbles, my hamster, is thoroughly enjoying the season.  She is so cute when she stuffs her cheek pouches with food to hoard and runs around the cage for hours.  It's like she has this sense that winter is coming.  Absolutely adorable.  She looks like a walking potato when she does that. :3  Pebbles has developed such a mellow personality and is so sweet. :aww:  A hamster's life must be really nice.  You get to sleep all day.

So yeah... still here.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Perspectives by Kevin MacLeod
  • Reading: The Horse and His Boy C. S. Lewis
  • Eating: Pumpkin treats

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