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Hetalia Challenge Part4 -14 by andrielisilien
Hetalia Challenge Part4 -14

16- Hahaha, you thought it would be something naughty didn’t you? lolitrollu   After babysitting dozens of children and working around them, I’m not phased when I see a little one running “free”.  I actually find it funny. :XD:


17- I know history is history but I really like the idea on these two being together, Hungary and Prussia.  Hungary is such a tomboy yet classy and Prussia is so arrogant yet thoughtful.  Even though they are rivals they are great friends on the inside.  I feel that Prussia would have her back and Hungary would keep him check. :giggle:  To me they are cute given their background with one another.


18- I sense that Japan is one of those good listeners, is wise beyond his years and down to earth.  He’d be someone I would love to go to for advice, feedback about life or to just talk (like I do with my own father).  The only downside is Japan doesn’t do hugs. :iconbawww-plz:


19- Again Japan because he invented Karaoke and his singing voice is so lovely.  His songs are beautiful and some of my favorite artists are Japanese.  I’d probably end up just listening instead of singing along.


20- Lithuania is so sweet and such a hard worker.  I wouldn’t need him to do much but I do want to save him from Mr. Russia.  So I’ll come up with random stuff to keep him busy.

Hetalia Challenge Part3 -14 by andrielisilien
Hetalia Challenge Part3 -14
Questions are from Katolove Hetalia 30 Day Challenge

11- I'm embarrassed. I misread this one when jotting down notes for the draft.  I thought it said characters I HAVE had as best friends meaning friends from these countries. *derp*  I didn't realize my mistake until I was long done drawing this .:S  So these are some countries I've had great friends from.  Now that I think about what the question is REALLY asking I don't think I can choose simply one Hetalia character.  I really like the quiet-smart ones like Canada or Japan but I also like the grumpy yet polite ones a lot too like England or Switzerland.  Gosh, I can't choose.

12- Seiyuu for Germany - Hiroki Yasumoto.  OH my gosh that deep voice, so manly like Alan Rickman:meltboil: I love it!!  I find his voice so unique compared to other Japanese voice actors.  I could listen to it all day and never find it annoying even if he was only reading the dictionary!

13- Canada's pitch about his club sold me.  I do enjoy canoeing, hiking and other outdoorsy activities very much but more in a leisure, kick-back sort of way.  Plus I like snow so much Hurrah for Snow  I would love to drink hot cocoa, look at the mountains while roasting marshmallows with Canada.  :iconiloveitplz: (I'm sure there is a Canadian club nearby, cuz there are lots of them here in my area, but I'd feel embarrassed to go as I have no connections to the country or a valid reason.  I'm just this awkward American that would show up. :iconderpfaceplz:)

14- Switzerland because he likes peace and quiet as do I.  I'm the kind of person that when the doorbell rings, I check to see who it is and sometimes hide until they go away.  Swiss would just take out his gun instead to drive them off (along with noisy neighbors) and I'm okay with that. :lol:  Swiss is also organized/orderly (which I take comfort in) and a loyal person deep down but a little grumpy around the edges (which I've noticed I like a lot :D).  I would feel safe with him as I'm sure he wouldn't do anything illegal.  I also feel that he is an honest person and if he had a problem he'd let you know instead of being a turd in a passive aggressive manner.

15- I like all kind of foods ('cept American hahaha) but I would like Japan or China to cook for me so that they could teach me how to make their dishes.  I've been struggling lately with a couple Asian meals that keep coming out disastrous like someone we all know England (Laughing) [V3] Just kiddin'.  But seriously, when your miso or egg drop soup comes out smelling like vomit you know something definitely went wrong!

Halfway there.  This is so much fun!  Keep commenting with your responses, if you'd like.  You all have interesting things to say.
England brows -14 by andrielisilien
England brows -14
I saw a similar picture like this floating around on the Internet somewhere and I thought to myself, "Hmmm, could use more brows." :iconeweplz:  So I drew myself one and went crazy.  Sorry, England.  Actually, I'm not sorry.

England: I have a World Meeting to attend. England Talking Icon  I can't go looking like this!

Me: I regret nothing... nothing :iconlazycryplz:
Because there's no snow.  The weather has been teasing me with lots of rain that could have been snow because the temperature has stayed above 50 F degrees (10 C). Gloomy What is the deal?
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do you visit my scraps????
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Because there's no snow.  The weather has been teasing me with lots of rain that could have been snow because the temperature has stayed above 50 F degrees (10 C). Gloomy What is the deal?
  • Mood: Grouchy
  • Watching: Good Mythical Morning

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